DrugLogic®, Inc. is a 20 year old company with solutions for all clients concerned with the use of data in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. DrugLogic is particularly dedicated to delivering products that provide the latest innovations and state-of-the art solutions in pharmacovigilance, epidemiology and drug safety surveillance for both pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies. Its proprietary Qscan®-ERM is a flexible workflow management and analysis product that monitors both company proprietary adverse event data and publicly available data sources.

DrugLogic Featured Section

MAUDE: Medical Device Data Analytic

In addition to FAERS, VAERS, Vigibase and proprietary databases, a first version of Qscan®-MAUDE is available for device manufacturers. Please call for a demo.

Big Data Analytics

Many licensers of big data, such as claims, EMR, CPRD Pharmetrics or Marketscan find it a challenge to use these databases for their problems. Qscan- greatly facilitate Medical is a solution for multiple large databases with possibly billions of records that are rich in embedded knowledge, but difficult to extract. DrugLogic’s solution suite can work with clients the use of these data sources.
DrugLogic, after several years’ research and development in electronic medical records and claims analysis has developed offerings for managed care and other healthcare organizations such as ACOs, MCOs, PBMs and pharmacy. The technology builds on the Qscan family and Qscan-Medical to provide unparalleled and patented solutions for precision or personalized medicine. Personalized Medical Analytics (PMA) will be implemented initially through three new solutions: Safe-Rx™, Manage-RX™ and PMA-DS for precision decision support for providers at all levels.